All About The Carpet Cleaning

Is it the first time that you are getting carpet cleaning and thinking about what results you should expect? Don’t worry, this article is for you only. By reading this article you will be able to know some amazing carpet cleaning facts.

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
  1. The first thing that carpet cleaners do is vacuum your carpets properly. Before starting carpet cleaning, it is mandatory to do a thorough vacuuming, so that all the dirt or dry soil laying on the carpet will suck up inside the carpet. If vacuum is not done before starting the process, then, during the process, the dry soil will convert into mud due to moisture. Which will be hard to remove at that time as mud is very much heavier than dry soil. So, deep vacuuming is a very mandatory thing to do.
  2. If you have lots of stains on the carpet, then, most of the stains need to be removed before starting the process. Some stains which are hard to remove contain tannins or acids. This will treat up during the cleaning process specially.
  3. The experts use an acidic rinse to balance all the alkaline cleaning agents.
  4. It is not necessary that all the carpet cleaning is going to give you the same results. The results totally depend on the experience the carpet cleaning has.
  5. The carpet cleaning services need to go through very tough training to be certified by IICRC(International Institute For Cleaning And Restoration Certification). So, you should always check before hiring whether they are certified or not.
  6. Dirty carpets create bad wet-dog smells which ruin the environment of your house. You must have got this smell but were not able to find out where the smell is coming, but it’s your carpet which is the reason behind the smell. To get rid of the bad odor you should do regular vacuuming to your carpet.
  7. Many people use carpet protectors to keep their carpets safe or clean and they also have a false belief that carpet cleaning can remove the carpet protector which is wrong. The main reason for carpet protector removal is the wearing or tearing of your carpet. When the carpet gets torn on certain parts, then, the carpet protector also damages the carpet or removes it from that part. And also the carpet protector has a warranty period, so, before its expiry, you should change the protector.
  8. Carpet grooming is very necessary after carpet cleaning. So that it does not take too long to get dry after cleaning.
  9. Many professional carpet cleaning services provide a warranty. So, if you feel that you have not got any satisfying results, then, you can recall them to get your carpet cleaned again.
  10. Carpets that you clean daily live long or stay beautiful like a new one. So, if you want your carpet to live long or remain beautiful you should clean it regularly.


These are the top 10 facts which you should know about carpet cleaning Hawker. We hope that all your carpet cleaning doubts get clear.